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Holi 2018: Why Girls Celebrate Their First Holi in Parents Home after marriage

After marriage, the newly married woman plays Holi festival in her maid (pyhar). There are many different traditions associated with Holi, the festival of colors and joy.

There are some traditions which are different in different parts of the country, but this tradition is believed to be practiced almost everywhere, or you must have heard about it.

After the marriage, the girl celebrates her first Holi festival mile, you have heard about it. Apart from this, this tradition is performed in every household of Laghaggar that after the marriage, the first lady of the newlyweds is in the maternal aunt.

But do you know why people play this tradition, if not, then in the report, why after all, the girl goes to maiden on the first Holi after marriage?

Such is the recognition

In many places of India there is a belief that after marriage, playing in the first Holi Pihar courtyard, their marital life is full of pleasure and harmony.

Somewhere this ritual

After marriage, the distance between Holi festival and husband in maternal and mate increases the love between them. In order to further enhance this feeling between husband and wife, the first Holi celebration ceremony was started in the maternal home.

This is the tradition

Dr. Arvind Mishra, an astrologer in a special dialogue with the magazine told that celebrating the first Holi in a maternal home after marriage is a tradition. On the occasion of Holi, the girl goes to her maternal grandfather and the husband plays Holi with his wife and sister-in-law on arrival in his Holi day.

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