koshish karne walo

Koshish Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti

If there are any reasons for this, there is no need to be disappointed, just stand up again, be confident and fill the world, history is the witness

Some people break into difficulties and break some records. These are those stubborn and stubborn people, for whom the failure has been tried and how often and how long it has been done, it does not matter, I have many people of such people Success Stories have been published, which are quite inspirational, some of them are below

When you read their biography and compare yourself and your failures with their failures then you will find that you have not lost anything compared to them and you are better than them? Then why are you disappointed, once again try and see, know this time effort is successful

Every problem has (n + 1) solutions, where n is the number of solutions that you have tried and 1 is that which you have not tried. That’s life 

Every single problem has n + 1 solutions, where n is the number of times you have tried

Unless we succeed in achieving success, one should try and try again.

The boat is not scared by the waves, 
those who try is not lost.

When the little cane moves with the grain, on the
climbing walls, hundred times slips.
The faith of the mind fills courage in the
rugs, it does not fall apart, falling and collapsing.
After all, his hard work is not worthless,
those who try is not lost.

Dipak puts a diver in Sindhu,
and goes away empty handed.
Do not get easily manti in deep water,
increasing doubling excitement in this surprise.
The fist is not empty every time,
those who try are not lost.

Failure is a challenge, accept it,
what remains lacking, look and improve.

Unless you succeed, do not forget to
leave sleeping peace, leave the field of struggle and do not run away.
Jai does not cheer without doing anything,
those who try is not defeated.

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